Case study history of maxis marketing essay

Maxis Berhad is leading business which providing telecommunication products and services in Malaysia and has over 11.4 million service users currently. In 1993, Maxis Berhad has received license to perform a nationwide GSM 900 mobile network, that is a local fixed network and an international gateway. Maxis Berhad starts its mobile businesses in august 1995 and commenced its set line and overseas gateway procedure in early 1996.In these modern times, Maxis is providing a full group of services on various platforms to meet the demand of telecommunications for individuals, small enterprises and large organizations, such as mobile fixed brand, prepaid line and net broadband services.

Maxis Berhad is definitely a telecommunication provider in Malaysia which provides better quality program with larger insurance policy coverage in Malaysia. The price charge is also extremely high compared to its competitors. Despite the fact that the higher price it charges, but Maxis Berhad is still in a position to enjoy huge market share in the Malaysia, this demonstrates how well may be the competitive competence Maxis has possessed in Malaysia.

Besides that, Maxis Berhad was first telecommunication company in Malaysia launched the 3G services, such as 3G connect Card, PC Webmail, Training video Mail and 3G prepaid. The 3G services policy is up to 740 sites across Malaysia and still being increased. The 3G services of Maxis enable the users to take pleasure from the internet access throughout Malaysia. Mobile phone and laptop computer users can benefit from the entertainment and communication providers such as for example video calls, live cellular TV, games and cellular broadband Internet those are sensible priced, rapid access with real time result. Maxis have various users of the broadband support because it offered a reasonable price and do promotes the broadband companies by offering free modem. Subscribers will get a free modem after they registered the service package. Furthermore, Maxis Berhad has the customer service centre through the entire country, which gives conveniences to the clients for paying bills, registering, and reporting problems.

Maxis Berhad's vision is to improve human life and business with an inspiring collection of creative products and services, in a manner that is simple and individualized, and providing the successful and reliable offerings to every clients. Three words are being used to depict the spirit of the Maxis Berhad, those are simple, trustworthy and imaginative. Besides that, Maxis Berhad makes everything as easy as possible. The customers can easy seem sensible of what the maxis is trying to tell them, since the method of maxis communicates with buyer is clear-cut. Trustworthy is normally emphasized by Maxis Berhad, the company builds and maintains the strong relationships between the customers and employees aswell. This sort of spirit makes Maxis Berhad considerably more reliance. Finally, Maxis is innovative not only the way they run the business enterprise, but those will be how they answer the telephone, the way they serve the clients and how they manage the challenges. Creative is normally in whatever they perform.

3.0 Examination of marketing environment

There are a large amount of uncertainties that may effect the organization's performance. Marketing environment is probably the important factors that capable impacts on the business. Besides that, the marketing environment has some forces that able to affect the Maxis Bhd Enterprise which is public forces, cost-effective forces, competitor forces, technical forces, and regulatory forces.

3.1 Social forces

The public forces of the environment include the demographic characteristics of the population and its values. Alterations in these forces can possess dramatic impact on marketing strategy. The demographics of Malaysia happen to be represented by multiple ethnic groups that exist in the country. The population on 2009 is more than 28million, and 5.72 million Malaysian are in East Malaysia and 22.5 million are in Peninsular Malaysia. If there happen to be any changes of the demographic it will affect the online marketing strategy by Maxis Bhd. A population can also be described using characteristics such as for example age, gender, ethnicity, income and occupation. How these characteristic have an effect on the online marketing strategy? Maxis Bhd is normally a organization that selling mobile conversation services in Malaysia. Therefore, the characteristic such as for example age, ethnicity, income and also occupation are essential to use to look for the targeted group of customer. For instance, Maxis Bhd will essentially base on the different band of customer to selling different plan of mobile connection services to the customer. In addition, 18 to 25 age range, normally the people who under this ranges of age groups is a students. Therefore, Maxis Bhd sorts a student's packages to be able to attract the customers. In case, there are business gentleman who more than 25 ages and earlier mentioned, enterprise will form a several plan in order to suit the demands of the customers. Normally, the student's package deal will more cheap than the others plan such as for example business man packages. The current student packages is no cost sending messages, have a great discount and low-cost calling expenses which is 5-7 cents per mins. But, for the non-student packages, it will not have such welfare. Essentially, for non-student deals will more focus on the bigger rate of charges.

3.2 Economy Forces

Malaysia may be the rapidly development economy region in the South-east Asian, it has be category as the middle-income country. Malaysia is the third largest economy region in the south-east Asia, the geographic of Malaysia features individually into two parts which may be the Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. In Malaysia, the land is abundant with the natural source and raw material. In early hearing, the major of Malaysia economy are growing in the agriculture, mining and forestry sector. In year 1970, Malaysia has developed into a multi-sector market from the maker of raw materials. The economy has contributed by different sector such like medical, technology market and program sector. Besides, the Strait of Malacca which may be the international ship route improve the volume of intercontinental trade and developing sector even now remain the most influence the entire of Malaysia economy expansion.

According to service statistics information and interaction technology in year 2008, the value added made by the telecommunication provider is definitely amounted to Rm21.2 billion .Evaluating with the Computer and other related activities, the value added generated can be amounted to Rm6.5 billion. This implies that the telecommunication services sectors are even more contributed to the Malaysia economy; there has potential industry in the telecommunication assistance sector.

Beside that, Malaysia economical year 2008 declare that the agriculture sector provides contributed 9.7 percentages to Malaysia GDP, industrial sector are a symbol of 44.6 percentages and the others is assistance sector was 45.7 percentages. However, Malaysian overall economy was expansion slow in the year 2008. It is due to the gross purchase was fixed; it really is one of the aspect that impact the GDP.

According to the Malaysia mobile cellular telephone info graphs in year 2000, there are 2,170,000 population of mobile phone cellular phone subscriber. In year 2009, there are 23,347,000 population of cellular cellular telephone in Malaysia .Comparing the year 2000 and year 2009, there is increase 21,177,000 human population of mobile cellular phone subscriber. There are more Malaysian using the cellular cellular telephone within their life and it become a necessary tools for connection, the telecommunication businesses play an essential role to provide the quality service to the every single customer available in the market.

3.3 Competitors

Malaysia has come out with a competition legislation which this take action was approved by Parliament in-may 2010 and publicly announces in June 2010. It will be enforced on 1st January 2012. Besides, this Take action is to provide a thorough competition legislation at the national level which cuts across all economic sectors and it apply to all commercial actions in Malaysia and outdoor Malaysia that will affect competition in Malaysia Marketplace. Primary provision of Competition Work 2010 is section 4 and section 10. Section 4 is normally to prohibition against anti competitive arrangement which prohibition against any horizontal or vertical contract which has the object or aftereffect of significantly protecting against, restricting or distorting competition in Malaysia. Besides, Section 10 is usually prohibition against misuse of dominant situation which dominant location means a predicament in where one or more

Enterprises possess such significant vitality in market to adjust prices or outputs or trading conditions, without successful constraint from competitors or potential competitors. For section 4 prohibitions normally is for price tag fixing, industry allocation, Bid ringing arrangement, Exclusive working, and tie-in arrangement. Nevertheless, for section 10 it is to prohibition misuse toward price discrimination, extreme pricing, and predatory prices.

3.3.1 Intertype competition

Intertype competitions define as competitions among firms in different type of businesses but which both firms selling the same merchandise.

As we know that, Maxis Berhad supplied the iPhone4 subscription plans to consumers and the company offers its iPhone4 to the customers with its own program.(Refer Appendices 1) Furthermore, the Apple Company is the manufacturer for the iPhone4. Apple Company also offers its iPhone4 to mobile shops. Thus, mobile retailers are immediately competed with Maxis Berhad and both of these are from different industry. It means that, the relationship between the Maxis Bhd and mobile phone store are intertype competition. Quite simply, the customers will purchase for Maxis Bhd Firm instead of the other mobile store. The reason is as a result of the effective for the promotion bundle that placing by the Maxis Berhad Company

3.3.2 Intratype competition

Intratype competition defines as competition among companies in the same kind of business. Case in point Competition between Maxis and Digi which both of these is normally from the same organization field that providing the same product which is mobile conversation.

Maxis and Digi operating in the same organization field which provide cellular communication services to consumers. Digi targeted on young adults by giving a entertainment service for this group consumers such as for example provide free web connection with no cost for Digi buyers to see Facebook everyday by using stated website link. Besides, Maxis doesn't provide you with this kind of opportunity for their consumers because most properly they aim for on those operating populations. Maxis promoting friends and family plans package that costs low cost for relative who using the same network to motivate family member subscribe the package to save their expense.(Refer Appendices 15) Normally, Digi has turn out with a package that's after we have send message a lot more than RM 2 everyday the continue cost will be free as consumers concept to the same network .It just charge RM 2 each day if buyers fulfil the package state.

3.4 Technological Forces

Maxis Berhad internet connection should improve their Maxis broadband by update their internet connection speed. Even though Maxis broadband is convenience because we can online and take to everywhere, but during peak season the internet connection will down and it result in a lot consumers complain concerning this matter. Hence, if Maxis Berhad can improve their internet connection it will bring a lot chance of their firm. Before Maxis Berhad provide you with 3G function customers merely may use mobile phone to communicate with each others. But

today Maxis Berhad features provide you with 3G function that let consumers to communicate and appearance at each other through the use of mobile phone and it also may use as videoconferencing for businesses meeting. Maxis Berhad as well pronounce that their firm will probably launch 4G function soon to keep increasing their technologies to meet with contemporary times.

3.5 Regulatory forces

Maxis marketing procedures and business decisions are significantly influenced by the regulatory forces in Malaysia. Thus, Maxis has got some restriction in conducting its business. In order to adapt to this regulatory environment, Maxis features followed all of the laws that are stated and adjusted its activities in conducting business.

Maxis Bhd isn't a dominating organization in the telecommunication market in Malaysia. Malaysian's competition act 2010 has contained forbiddance of anti-competitive behaviour and prohibition of the misuse of a dominated marketplace position to be able to protect competition. So, the business competition is reasonable and motivated in Malaysia. However, in addition, it has been shaped a greatly competition environment. Consequently, Maxis is generally striving to be useful and impressive in its methods. Besides that, in addition, it always improves its research and development of new companies and techniques to be able to compete with its rivals and create the best value to the clients.

In addition, Maxis can be governed by the product-related legislation which tries to protect both company and client. The patent regulation and the copyright laws provides maxis the right to keep out different from producing, employing or providing that violate the patented creation and the exceptional right of its work. Case in point, the slogans and the advertisements of Maxis will be the copyright of the Maxis, so simply Maxis can put it to use and customers are easily to identify Maxis when they see the particular advertisements and slogans. Maxis isn't allowed to infringe others rights aswell. Due to the Customer labelling and consumerism act in Malaysia, Maxis is required to list out all of the terms and conditions of all its products when it promotes to the clients. Maxis and its own customers are also covered by the trademarks take action that ensure the individuals are purchasing the real product and guarantees the business has the exclusive right to the term, name and symbol. Hence, the word 'maxis' and its own symbol can look on its every merchandise, in order to make customers to identify and distinguish it from other company, no others may use the word 'maxis' in their products.

To boot, there is absolutely no fixing cost allowed in Malaysia. In fact, whatever selling price of talking rate, SMS charge, and also the monthly fee of broadband supplied by maxis are different with other same market company. This example proves that there is no anti-competitive behaviour in this field. The competition is quite fair and healthy and balanced among the number of companies. So, price discount can be used by Maxis to be able to compete with other, for instance you will get cheaper talking charge in the event that you talk more.

Maxis Bhd has manufactured many special dealings as its advertising practices, this distribution actions is usually allowed in Malaysia. For example the maxis shops simply sell the maxis packages, broadband and related products and services.

Also, Maxis isn't engaging in the deceptive or misleading advertising which is illegal. Maxis advertisement is usually correspond to the true of what it intended to let consumers know. Maxis also try to police itself by taking part in the MCMC (The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) Designates Access Forum.

4.0 Segmentation

Maxis Berhad Provider is using multiple products and multiple market segments segments to segments the markets. Thus, Maxis Berhad Provider tries to design the number of different packages of merchandise so that you can satisfy the different type of user's have and wants. In essence, it has numbers of variables that can be utilised to segment consumer markets, Such as for example, demographic, psychographic, and Patterns.

4.1.1 Demographic

Several segmentation variables which are age, gender, ethnicity, cash flow, and occupation is utilized by Maxis Berhad in applying its industry segmentation.


In truth, Maxis Berhad attempts to segment the marketplace based on age the people below 25, and above 25. The possible client is below 25 ages, normally is student. Alternatively, the consumer who is older than 25 ages basically is the working adult. The functioning adults basically have a greater consumption in the mobile offerings. Thus, normally the program for 25 age ranges and above will love more welfare do a comparison of to others package.


Both female and male in the Malaysia are the Maxis Berhad potential clients, businessman have to make the call to do business, connect with clientele and make order. Women of all ages prefer to use phone to have a long speak to friends.


Different generations have the different needs and wants. Baby boomers desire more stable and reliable services and products, but it's not all of them have a hand phone. Technology X are extra concerning about the product quality, for example the insurance policy coverage of the Maxis Berhad companies. The generations Y will be more interested in the innovation, value and convenient o services and products.


Maxis Berhad services are often suited to all income sets of consumer. However the medium and high profit groups are dominant of because Maxis Berhad chargers higher level than its competitors.

4.1.2 Psychographic segmentation

Maxis berhad as well apply psychographic segmentation to recognize the potential consumers' standard of living in Malaysia telecommunication marketplace, involving their attitudes, view and worth. Maxis berhad realize that Malaysian are extremely counting on the telecommunication to handle business, social activities and have fun. Particularly when their cultural group is greater, the communications are more important.

Most of Malaysian believes that telecommunication is essential from anywhere and anytime, specifically for the businessmen. So, the product quality and the policy of the services are incredibly important for Maxis to survive in the forex market. So, Maxis have been building a strong worth and producing the Malaysian to think that Maxis is a company provides a much better quality services and also have huge insurance policy coverage in Malaysia.

4.1.3 Behavioralistic segmentation

Benefit sought

Maxis berhad found out that the importance of product advantage to the potential client, it's not only providing the cellular phone telecommunication and access online sites to every Maxis subscriber. Nowadays, multiple item features are essential to compete with other substitute products. The customers will look on how product benefits will increase their demand, not merely fulfill the basic demand. Beside that, the client also concern on the quality, security and service of product.

Usage Rate

Maxis berhad has got examined the usage rate of group buyer in the market, how much the clients spend in a specific period. Predicated on the usage rate, the customer has divides into the heavy, medium or light consumption category. The customers who've spent over Rm150 per month were under heavy utilization category. For medium consumption category, clients were having spent between Rm50 to below Rm150 per month. Lastly, the clients who dedicate below Rm50 monthly were considering as light usage category. Besides that, Maxis bhd discovered that the usage rate ratio will distinct in a few specific period. Especially in festival period such like ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION, Happy New 12 months and Christmas Evening. The consumption rage will extreme greater than non-festival day.

4.1 Targeting

Because of the Maxis Berhad's telecommunication services are offered all around the country, so, the companies are being targeted all of the potential buyers wherever in Malaysia, no matter with rural and urban areas.

Maxis Berhad uses item differentiation to focus on different group of the clients. Different band of customers may have distinct needs and wants. Unique plans and services can be found to reach the several band of customers. From this segments which are below 25 and above 25, Maxis Berhad is definitely using different plans to target these 2 sets of potential clients, both male and feminine, have the different intention to use the telecommunication services.

For the customers age below 25, Maxis Berhad targets this group by giving the prepaid plan to them, this group of customers usually use mobile phone to have entertainment, communicate with friends, and revel in the social lifestyle, they are often not necessary to help make the contact whatever situation, they merely use the telecommunication service to have entertainment and lack working with important case, but they make usage of it constantly. Hence, this kind of target customers are often student, they needed the cheaper and entertained offerings. They usually will make the call or sms when their prepaid profile still have credit, and when all amount within their prepaid bill has been spent, they will either best up the account or maybe left it zero, because it is not very vital that you them for whether could make the call, therefore the prepaid plan which is normally cheaper and convenient is suited o concentrate on this group.

The potential buyers whose age above 25 are most likely working adults, and willing to pay more expensive total receive a better service because of Maxis Berhad charges a higher price but provides top quality services to the customers. This group of customers usually emphasise the standard of telecommunication service since it is so important in their career. They need to use the phone to remain reference to their client, make buy, and discuss the important issues. Consequently, Maxis Berhad targets this segment by advertising the services and products in a manner that emphasized in good quality. For example, the main line service is used to serve the customers who use phone within their job, have a worldwide lookout, and travel widely for work. Thus, this group of customers desire a stable service, which includes excellent coverage and permit them to phone wherever they are often. For example the businessmen, those always have to communicate with their clients, suppliers, companions and other.

Besides that, people have a tendency to stay reference to the persons they love and concern with. The telecommunication service is becoming important in the persons social activities. Therefore, Maxis Berhad as well targets the customers who utilize the telecommunication service to keep up their relationship with other people. For instance, the supplementary range which is supplied by Maxis Berhad, is employed to focus on the group who emphasized in kinship. This kind of service is offered to the people who always communicate with their family and his/her beloved one, with a specific amount of free talking time, and free of charge sms between the customer and family members. The users of the kind of service usually are the people who study or work at place that a long way away from their family members, so this method can benefit them therefore much. Other than that, couples in sweet love are as well suited in using this plan to keep the sweetness with much loved one.

4.2 Positioning

Product positioning is important for every organization to create a good image in customers mind for target market of its product, reputation, and manufacturer. Maxis have make use of two types of positioning which is certainly head-to-brain and differentiation

positioning to identify the marketplace niche for the company and product.

Maxis using head to head positioning to compete straight with other competitors such as Digi and Celcom which can be selling similar product attribute in the same marketplace. Maxis creating fast, quality, and affordable services impression to consumers mind do a comparison of to Digi. Maxis produced good image giving well connection products and services which consumers can used mobile phone at anywhere without worry out of connection issue equate to Digi which their interconnection service always disconnected. Progress Communications services will be to enrich its customer's life and businesses, in some way, simple and personalized, properly and innovative frontier technologies provide manufacturer service experience that's trusted and enchanting. Besides, Maxis have sponsor for a few celebrities that organizing concert in Malaysia. This will help to boost up Maxis brand and image to increase Maxis profit to meet the peak.

Maxis is using a different type of positioning which happen to be differentiations positioning strategy. Maxis contain promoted Maxis broadband to buyers because it includes a smaller market and fewer competitors in this product. (Refer Appendices 5)Maxis presented Maxis Broadband that targeted on teenagers and working field consumers is because there are only few competitors that contend with Maxis. For example, Digi doesn't encourage any broadband product for their consumer previous year before and this will bring chance of Maxis to increase their market talk about and profit. Nowadays this people are willing to spend money to purchase for just about any internet broadband that will be convenience for them to bring around and consumers think that is worth it.

5.0 Marketing Mix

5.1.1 Product

Maxis Berhad is normally a mobile phone service provider. They provide a variety of mobile phone services and products. The products they provide include monthly subscription strategies, prepaid line, international immediate dial and roaming, internet broadband strategies, and recently they are offering the mobile plans together with hand telephone. Besides that, Maxis Berhad presents online download retail outlet to its customers to acquire music, movie, game titles and software online.

Monthly subscription plans

Maxis Berhad offers a variety of monthly subscription plans to its clients. There are a wide variety of plans proposed by Maxis Berhad because numerous customers have different desires and wishes toward the services. So, a various services and products are given by Maxis Berhad so as to satisfy the customers all over the country. The main line is the item which is categorized to huge plans. Those plans have different rate expenses and monthly fees. There are eight strategies being offered in the principal line package, the cost of ideas is from RM30 to RM500 regular monthly. In general, the call charges per minutes happen to be cheaper if the every month commitment fee of the program is higher. Same circumstance can be for the sms costs. For example, subscribing a plan which is RM30 commitment cost will be charged 20 sen per minutes while making call up, and 10 sen per sms ; but charges is only 12 sen per mins while making call up and 5 sen per sms for anyone who is subscribing a R150 monthly commitment charge plan. (Refer Appendices 14)

Besides that, Supplementary line is offered by Maxis Berhad to the clients who used to get connected with his/her much loved. Customers who subscribe this plan can benefit from the free talking time and free sms between friends and family lines. (Refer Appendices 13)


Although Maxis Berhad is normally a telecommunication company but not a phone manufacturer, in addition, it sells mobile phone based its mobile services plans. This service differs from other regular solutions. The cost of hand phone is leaner if purchase it under the contract with Maxis. Just lately, Maxis Berhad is offering iPhone4 using its service plans. Consumers can get a lesser price iPhone4 if they subscribe the Maxis program plans, for example, a new iPhone4 which worthy of RM2290 is only marketed RM1390 by Maxis Berhad with a deal. Consumers who want to buy the plan need to agree with the contract. Besides that, buyers also have many choices about the service programs with a new iPhone4, different plans to acquire new iPhone4 is offered in order to satisfy different needs of consumers. Consumers who like to talk in mobile phone can subscribe the program with longer free contact hours and cheaper call rates. Identically, idata programs are suitable for consumers who always usage of internet through the use of their phone. Buyers will tend to find best plan for them to get the iPhone4. The plans will vary in the free call hours, free sms, no cost mms, call rates and sms rates; furthermore, the cost of new iPhone4 differs in different plans due to the period of subscription. Generally, as longer as the registration period, the brand new iPhone4 will end up being cheaper as well as free. Not only iPhone4, Maxis Berhad also sell BlackBerry, Nokia N8, Nokia X3 and various other phones based service strategies.

Prepaid line

Maxis Berhad also offers prepaid line to consumers. Hotlink, which is the prepaid type of the Maxis Berhad, has the most mobile assistance users in Malaysia. Prepaid brand service is attractive and it is the decision of most consumers since it provides convenient and versatility to customers. Customers can get the prepaid provider with just purchase a prepaid package in any telecommunication shop. After install the sim cards inside, it takes not more than 5 minutes to activate the assistance. Top-up of prepaid range can be convenient because it could be created by many approaches, such as for example through profit convenient store, buy by ATM, and even online purchase. Furthermore, consumers are freedom to choose the mobile number they prefer. Customers also can download the most recent music, movie and video games with the prepaid program.

Internet broadband

Nowadays, access to internet has become quite typical and even crucial in Malaysia. As a leading telecommunication company in Malaysia, Maxis Berhad provides internet broadband with huge speed and reliable. There are both cellular and wired broadband are provided by Maxis Berhad. The wired net broadband is well suited for the house users and the wireless broadband is normally for the users who constantly move upside. The wired broadband offers several plans with different velocity. The users who expect the large internet enjoyment are encouraged to subscribe the higher speed package. The cellular broadband is also classified to various plans with different data volume level quota, which are 1.5GB, 3GB, 6GB and 12GB.

Online Store

Maxis Berhad offers a store online for its customers to download the music, movie, video games, wallpapers, and ringtones. By accessing to internet, buyers can purchase the most recent and hot music, video, fun games, colourful wallpapers and themes. Besides that, customers are able to get the latest news about travel, food, and entertainment through the Maxis.

Maxis Insurance

Different with different telecommunication firms, Maxis Berhad gives insurance to buyers. Customers who want to purchase the insurance plans of Maxis Berhad only need to send a confirmation concept to Maxis. No medical exam is needed no any health problem will be asked. As long as the customers between the ages of 18 to 70, they are acceptable for purchase Maxis insurance. The insurance policy coverage of Maxis insurance features accidental death and long lasting disablement, it also provides other rewards like snatch theft/ robbery gain and the settlement of excellent phone bill in case of any unforeseen circumstances that triggers the average person bodily injury.

Maxis mobile security

Maxis mobile secureness is a fresh product supplied by Maxis to enhance the security to the customers while they are accessing internet. Many hackers are on the internet nowadays, they could hack the telephone and cause the portable device failure. Thus, Maxis Berhad gives this program to keep customer's cellular phone safe. The features of Maxis mobile security incorporate antivirus, firewall, and automatic updates to protect the clients phone from viruses, Trojans and spywares.

5.1.2 Price

We know that Maxis Berhad is usually a enterprise which implements the differentiation strategic so that you can contend with others competitors. As review to the cost leadership strategic, implementation of differentiation strategic would be the better decision to Maxis Berhad. The reason is because in the telecommunication solutions market, it hard to lessen the production costs to create lower price so as to compete with the others competitors such as Digi, Celcom, and U-mobile. That is why, instead of maintaining the cheapest competitive price, Maxis Berhad is extra willing to concentrate on the differentiation strategic and focusing on the merchandise innovation and merchandise features so as to fulfill the consumer needs, Maxis Berhad is trying its best to ensure that is a tradeoff between your price and the offerings quality. After we experienced several researches, we've discovered that Maxis Berhad likewise very worries on the pricing strategies.

Maxis Berhad is applying several pricing ways of maximize the profit percentage and maintain the market share. The first strategy may be the penetration pricing. The business charges less price on its fresh internet broadband service in order to gain market shares and the purchase price is being charged larger as the wider of industry share achieved.

Besides that, premium pricing strategy is also utilized by the Maxis Berhad. The company sets a higher value and sells to the customers who pursue an improved quality of products and services. We know that, the decision expenses of Maxis Berhad is normally higher than other telecommunication providers in Malaysia, and the business has the to do this since it gets the competitive advantage, the ideas on how to write an informative essay standard of the service is excellent and the coverage is quite wide.

Other than that, Maxis Berhad will apply the psychological pricing strategy to make the consumers to have a emotion that the Maxis Berhad product or service is better than others. Including the higher price expenses on the decision, the potential buyers will emotionally feel that the Maxis' service is better compared to other telecommunication providers.

Product line pricing is a crucial pricing strategy which implemented by Maxis Berhad. Maxis are providing different deals within the fixed line product range at unique rate charges. Customers can choose the package that delivers most benefits & most suited him/her.

Recently, Maxis Berhad is normally substantially marketing its internet broadband, at wherever at college or university, shopping complex, and even next to the road. Through this we realize that the internet broadband is a fresh product of Maxis and the business is trying to improve the market share. So, promotional pricing strategy is employed in order to obtain it. Maxis Berhad promotes its broadband service giving the free of charge modem to the buyers who have signed up the service.

5.1.3 Place

Placing is important for each company because they need to consider where to place their branch for customer convenience. In the event, they place their company at prime area. It'll attract more people to recognize and quickly find their businesses. Maxis Berhad headquarters workplace constructed in year 1995 and complete in

year 1998 which located in northwest corner of Kuala Lumpur Convention Middle (KLCC) creation. (Refer Appendices 7) Maxis Bhd headquarter neighboring landmark is the Petronas Twin Tower.(Refer Appendices 6) Maxis tend to located it headquarter near KLCC is basically because KLCC are the main city in Malaysia in which a lot people should come visit despite the fact that foreigner visitors will visit KLCC as well. This will bring opportunity for Maxis to create more persons recognize their provider when walking around in KLCC. Besides, Maxis have opened services centre branches across every talk about in Malaysia and they generally place their branch at retail center, housing area, and town prime spot which convenient for consumers to visit their centre for bill payment, purchase cellular phone, search information, changing deals, reload for prepaid plans users and so on. (Refer Appendices 8)

Other than that, Maxis have opened up few Maxis offices at Klang Valley which can be in Shah Alam, Puchong, Bandar Sunway, and Subang Jaya. The reason why they tend to place their offices in every part of Klang Valley is basically because they can provide support to the entire service centre around the town. Whenever there are problems the service center cannot resolve or decision to be made, that's where the management offices enter into the picture.

5.1.4 Promotion

Promotion is among the elements of marketing mix, it define as an activity to carry out the merchandise idea, feature and services through publicity and advertisement. Promotion can increase the consumer awareness of existing product on the market, it also a way to raise the product presence. Beside that, advertising is a communication about the product information between your seller and buyer. Maxis has using numerous type of promotional element to communicate with the consumer so on advertising, sales advertising and public relation, this promotional aspect devise to draw in the band of prospective buyer to buy the product.

The advertising is tools that use to impact on buyer mind concept about the merchandise, and it is the purpose of organization willing to spend so much money in marketing. Maxis bhd has spent a lot of cash to design and publish in advertisement, frequently bring out the brand new innovation and funny marketing through mass media such as magazine, newspaper, net, radio and television set. Beside that, Maxis features place the marketing to the popular of soccer video games in Malaysia. Maxis make a strong knowing of soccer supporters through sponsoring and advertisement during live foreign soccer games, specifically Barclays Premier League at England which may be the most well known soccer league on the planet. (Refer Appendices 4)In fact, Maxis bhd has posted marketing with title "committed to the game". Maxis bhd features invite the previously Malaysia football player and the renowned world football player involve to the advertising such like Lional Messi, the globe best football person. (Refer appendices 11) Frank Lampard, the England professional football participant and Dato' Soh Chin Aun is definitely workforce captain of Malaysia that qualifies for Olympic in season 1980.(Refer Appendices 12)The soccer fans will get the latest soccer info or check out the live show via the Maxis 3G. Besides, Maxis also being a sponsorship for Lotus Racing F1 workforce which present Lotus Racing I-Phone application that keeps customers updated with the live feeds and access latest racing media and information via mobile services to encourage consumers to use their items. (Refer Appendices 2) It also organizes some contests for users to earn some desirable gifts and prizes.

Other than that, Maxis sponsor for worldwide stars live concert in Malaysia by doing work closely with Galaxy Group who will be one of the major events and concerts organizers in Malaysia. Hotlink which is usually part of Maxis telecommunication provides previously present various other top Chinese entertainers such as for example David Tao, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Miriam Yeung, S.H.E, Jay Chou and Z Chen live concerts in Malaysia. (Refer Appendices 10)Maxis had also presented worldwide singers such as Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Sean Kingston, Pussycat Dolls, Fort Small, and the Black colored Eyed Peas and although Korean pop sensation Rain. (Refer Appendices 3) In return, Maxis location itself in an excellent advantage competitive strength that not only well known in Malaysia, but international market aswell.

Maxis as well had built an excellent reputation in contemporary society, involve in several donation and healthy occasions such like tsunami disaster and orphan fund. Maxis understand that the free advertising will come to good reputation firm, the publishers report the news headlines about Maxis involve in the healthy activity at no cost any payment. This indirect promote the trustworthiness of Maxis and create a good relationship with public relation.

6.0 Conclusion

In bottom line, Maxis Berhad has greater competitive competencies compared various other telecommunication services in Malaysia. The primary competency is the quality and the protection of service. The caliber of service is excellent and the policy is wide. So, it's the prior selection of the clients in Malaysia who want to subscribe to telecommunication program. Besides that, the business has the better comments and received little complaints from the customers in comparison to others.

Maxis Berhad includes a great understanding toward environmentally friendly factors that may affect its business. So, the business is implementing its marketing strategies and conducting its organization in a way that consistent with the environment factors. Besides that, the business always prepares to make changes and improvement so that you can meet up with the environmental changes. For instance, it makes its item to be progressive in order to adjust to the new environment, and focuses on research and development to keep its technology updated. The adjustment and improvement will be always being made by the company to contend with the competitor, and the business is conducted in a way that fit the laws and regulations in Malaysia.

Maxis Berhad likewise did a great work in the segmenting, targeting advertisement positioning the market. The various customers are being served by the several services and company has tried its best to gratify them. Besides that, Maxis includes a god marketing mix and the business is implementing excellent marketing strategies to gain the marketplace share.

Even though there are several limitation we've found on Maxis Berhad, but we can conclude that Maxis Berhad is certainly a successful company which has the leading position in Malaysia.

7.0 Recommendations

After we analyzed the factors affect the Maxis advertising environment, the segmentation and marketing mix. We've found there are some Maxis weaknesses in the selected part, that have to implement or modify in order to improve the Maxis bhd. There are several recommendations that may lead Maxis Bhd to be more successful.

7.1.1 Innovation of new product

4G, the most recent mobile online sites with voice has been released by YTL communications sdn bhd. By comparing with others 3G package rate, it provides the lowest rate in the Malaysia industry. Besides, the speed, insurance policy coverage and profit are advanced than 3G. Maxis bhd needs to be consciousness on the changing of competitor environment, understands the power and weaknesses of competitors. Maxis bhd has to create the new product that can contend with the strong competitor, in addition, it need to come out with the new notion of product to attract the customer. Even though it might spend a lot of time and involve highly expense of research and creation to create a new product, but the return of huge earnings can cover all of the costs involved and to boot the Maxis marketplace share.

Maxis Bhd should develop the advertisement in other fields rather than only give attention to the advertisement in the soccer games, because not absolutely all the people are considering football game. The company should make its advertisement in a favorite style as a way to adapt to majority customers' taste. For example, badminton is another preferred game in the Malaysia, and Maxis could apply the star impact advertisement technique to advertise its products and services. Dato' Lee Chong Wei, who's a popular badminton player in Malaysia, could possibly be considered by Maxis to make him become the spokesperson of the Maxis Berhad. Through his status, Maxis could obtain even more subscribers. Besides that, if the popular actors and singers is actually a part in the Maxis advertisement, the younger customers could be drawn to subscribe the Maxis program.

Nowadays, the trustworthiness of a company is become more and more essential in conducting business. Customers are concerning about the trustworthiness of the company and not just the quality of services and products. So, we advise Maxis should involve even more in the social actions, and make the business has a good image. For example the company could be a part in environmentally friendly protection program, showing that the business is concerning about our earth. Besides that, to build higher popularity, Maxis berhad must reinforce the link between the organization and open public relation.

Customer service plays a crucial role available specifically in the telecommunication industry, with good customer support, it's able to wthhold the existing consumers and attract even more potential customers a subscription the Maxis companies. We've found that, although the distribution of the Maxis wall plug is quite wide and obtainable in many places, but, not absolutely all the Maxis outlet has the ability to provide the sufficient customer support. For example, a number of the Maxis centre is merely able to let buyer make the repayment and cope with some small circumstance, and customers have to travel to cities to get further solutions. For example, the small Maxis firm struggles to help the client if the client has damage his simcard and prefer and get back the number, he might need to go to the Maxis centre in order to get this assistance. We recommend Maxis to help make the Maxis center t become one-stop program in order to facilitate the customers and make sure they are to be more satisfied with the Maxis service.

We know that, Maxis Berhad may be the first selection of telecommunication services of Malaysian, but, many people subscribed Digi Berhad service as well, this is since the Digi offers extremely good deal services compared to Maxis. So, in order to gain more market show, Maxis Berhad has to use the pricing strategy. First of all, Maxis will make customer to believe that the purchase price it charges is not very expensive. Effective pricing strategies are needed to be applied to handle this matter. Maxis Berhad could use more the psychological prices strategy to provide an emotion to consumers that the price charges is reasonable. For instance, the monthly subscription deal of the new iPhone4, Maxis Berhad offers the package with more expensive price compared to the Digi Berhad. To manage this, Maxis could reduce the monthly subscription fee but make the payment period longer. This will be no different to the company but do make the customers have an emotion that is cheaper.